theBallet ClassesThat will Make You AdvanceChildren & Adults Classes

Wise Ballet Dance Academy has been teaching the art of dance for over 40 years. Founded by Fort Worth Master Ballerina Karen Smith, Wise Ballet Dance Academy not only teaches the art of dance, but also history, terminology, and anatomy.

We are pleased to offer Wise County and the surrounding area with the highest quality classical ballet instruction available for over 40 years.

From our Creative Dance classes through our advanced levels, our students gain an understanding of proper technique and terminology through the use of age-appropriate movement and music. Our classes develop discipline, focus, confidence, and joy in dance. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their bodies and minds as they grow to love the art of classical ballet. The physical strength gained from classical training improves coordination, posture, and flexibility.

We strive to provide the highest standards in technical instruction in a structured environment. Students develop the use of French terminology applied to the art of ballet. Students study the history of classical ballet as well as anatomy applied to dance movement, and the principles that govern ballet.

theBallet ClassesThat will Make You AdvanceAdults Classes

The goal of study in ballet is performance. Wise Ballet offers the performance opportunities each spring in our full-length production. Every other year we present the Nutcracker in December.

Our focus within the ballet class is ballet technique. We’ll emphasize a theoretical understanding of classical ballet, balanced with the practical progression of teaching new exercises, steps, principles, and aesthetics to each level of dancer.

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